Quality Care from the
Comfort of Home

Quality First Urgent Care is proud to offer comprehensive telemedicine services.

Evaluations and diagnoses can be carried out in real-time via secure video appointments, with any necessary prescriptions sent straight to your pharmacy.

Virtual visits at Quality First Urgent Care are simple, safe, and offer swift treatment and peace of mind.

Here’s how it works:

  • Initiate a telemedicine appointment by clicking on our “Start a Telemedicine Appointment” button or appropriate link
  • Select whether you are a new or existing patient.
  • Select Telemedicine from the drop-down menu as your reason for visit and select your desired clinic location.
  • Choose an appointment from the available times and click to confirm. You can also choose to schedule an in-office appointment instead.
  • A brief intake will be conducted to determine the reason for your online visit.
  • At your designated time, you will be connected with a compassionate and knowledgeable Quality First provider.

Tips to Make Your Appointment Successful

  • Make sure you have a reliable Internet connection and that your tablet, laptop, or cell phone is fully charged.
  • Find a quiet room or area where you can speak to the doctor without interruption or background noise.
  • Having important information at the ready is a big help for your doctor. Make a list of your symptoms, as well as all medications you are currently taking, including dosages.
  • Ask your provider about any assistance you may require, such as closed captioning, an interpreter, or a translator.